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If clergyman cannot get a substitute, or pay the $300, he should suffer for conscience sake. About one in seven shall be called. We should raise money by general subscription (Ohio may have three such).


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letter, McIlvaine, Bedell, church


Bp: M

about drafting

Cinc. July 29 /63

Aug 4

My dear Bishop

In regard to drafted clergy I have carefully considered your suggestions. When a clergyman is conscientiously opposed to going into the ranks to take part in fighting, + cannot get a substitute or pay the $300 or get it paid for him, I hold he should stand it out + suffer if need be for conscience’ sake. The [expediency] at least of clergymen’s being so engaged, except in cases of extreme emergency is such it amounts to a general rule that it is wrong. But can nothing be done to alleviate the cases of draft among our clergy? If about one in 7 shall be called for I calculate that after leaving out all of our men that are overage or except by [?] disabilities, about five will be drafted. Of these some can pay or get paid the $300. We may have three to provide for, + I believe the shortest way is to proceed at once to raise the needful sum by general subscription. My son may be drafted, + I should pay his 300-

I expect to go to Church tomorrow + will see the Gov. + get what information I can.

Yours affectionately,


You ask about my postage account. I don’t know why the difference - I keep an account of all strictly diocesan postage, that is for letters about diocesan [?] strictly, excluding all other. I do not remember what it was, as when I sent it to Mr. [Wharting] I destroyed the memoranda + have not a copy of the Journal. I believe it was about #12.

Letter to Bishop Bedell



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