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Bachelor of Arts

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Krieg, Dana


This study examined a causal relationship between alcohol consumption, gender, and the perceived adherence to masculine and feminine gender norms of a vignette character with a questionnaire administered to 368 undergraduates. All participants were randomly assigned into one of four vignette conditions: female moderate drinker, female binge drinker, male moderate drinker, male binge drinker. The results of this study indicate that there are significant relationships between the vignette character‰Ûªs alcohol consumption and perceived adherence to feminine gender norms, the character‰Ûªs gender and perceived adherence to feminine gender norms, and the participant‰Ûªs alcohol consumption and the vignette character‰Ûªs perceived adherence to feminine gender norms. In addition, perceptions of the vignette character‰Ûªs safety were found to be related to alcohol consumption of the vignette character, as well as the alcohol consumption of the participant.


Includes bibliographical references (p. 24-26)

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