Philander Chase



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Chase received important letters from England and Nova Scotia accompanying Sophia's letter of March 10th, and provides her with general updates on his work. He also thanks his wife for the advice she gave him about Mr. Galindo.




Thomas Douglass, St. Johns, John Kilbourn, Mr. Galindo, Athens and Oxford College, Dudley Chase



Columbus 14 Mar

Dear Wife:

I preached yesterday in Worthington twice - confirmed 5. and lectured in the evening. Came down to day with Thomas Douglass found your good letter of the 10. of Mar: and the accompany letters from Engd. - & Nov Scotia. The latter are most important and [?] most opportunity for the Appendix which is now setting up.

The official papers from St: Johns must be added & this will require another [form] & perhaps a day’s more time. So that if I bring many of the Books with me to Gamr. I I [sic] can not get off till Thursday or Friday.

John Kilbourn is dead. P. Chase

P.S. I thank you for the hint about Galindo. You are right.

Don’t give yourself any trouble about what appeared in the Newspapers against me. It was a malicious publication set up to aid the bull for appropriating All the monies to [Athens] & Oxford College. No good member of the Legis’e. felt offended at what I said. The wicked complained & the good & pious were pleased. Will it not always be so? Read this to Dudley.

P Chase

1831 March. 14

Letter to Sophia Chase



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