Philander Chase



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Chase tells his nephew about Mr. West's ordination the previous day and tells him the West has decided to return by way of the lakes, rather than mountains. He asks Intrepid to send his sermon to Mr. Kip in New York.


Summer 6-17-1827


Mr. West, St. Peter's Church, Delaware, Mr. Wing, Priests orders, Deacons orders, New York, Leonard Kip, Rebecca, Worthington


To Mr. Morse

17 June

Worth 1827

Dear Nephew: Mr. West re’d. Priests orders yesterday in St. Peters Church Delaware. The congregation was large and very attentive. Mr. Wing also re’d. Deacons orders. His papers very regular and recommendary [sic] had been re’d. during my stay at Gambier.

Mr. West preached in Del. yesterday after noon and in the evening at Worthn. And was & is greatly admired. He has concluded not to go across the mountains, but return by way of the Lakes. Expedition and expense requires this. The plan therefore is that you make up your sermon in such a way as (after consulting the [P.] [hasten]) to be of least expense and send it to N.York care of Leonard Kip. Esqr. for Mr. W. Pray dont faith in this.

I have so many letters to write that I can say no more to you whom I so much love than that I am

Your faithful

Phr. Chase

Love to Rebecca.

Letter to Intrepid Morse



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