Philander Chase



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Chase writes about dining with friends and gaining new subscribers for the College for a total of more than $1,000 in New York and an increase of $200 in Philadelphia.


Winter 1-27-1827


Mr. Frederick De Peyster, James De Peyster, Capt. Augustus D.P., Mr. Noble, Dr. Wainright, Mr. H.L. Swan, Mr. Hone, Alderman Hone, Mr. Griswold, Dr. Matthews, Mr. and Mrs. Swan, New York, Buffalo, Canandaigua, Philadelphia, Bethlehem, Mr. S., Bethel, Randolph, Aunt Durkee, Fanny Chase, Mr. Wing, Dudley Chase, Henry Chase, Mary Chase, Lucia


Phila Jan 27


My dear Wife

Day before yesterday I dined at Mr. Frederick De Peyster’s and met there his son James my quondam pupil. His eldest son Capt. Augustus D.P. and his his [sic] wife and 4 daughters were present also; all most friendly and agreeable. In the evening I went to a Mr. Noble’s an Englishman: here also I was most kindly rec’d and much was said about our College affaire. I am to dine with them on monday.

Yesterday I called on Mr. I mean Dr. Wainright who subscribed to to [sic] our fund 50 Dollars: an Englishman present put down $100. At ½ past 3! I went in Company with James De Peyster to dine with Mr. H.L. Swan who with his wife has been much in Engd. and on the [continent]. There were present Mr. & Mrs. [S], Mr. Hone the former Mayor & his elder Brother [Alderman] Hone, Mr. Griswold & Dr. Matthews of the Duch Reformed Church besides Mrs. Swans Mother & my good friend James DP.

You must know these are the Top of NY or among those who consider themselves such. You must know also that this Mr. Swan is the man with whom I became acquainted while on my journey from Buffalo to Canandaigua, & that on my coming to New York from Phila he called into Mr. [?] and gave me some cash -- how much do you think? $100!

This man solely on acct. of the cause of the College invited the above company (it should seem) that he might do good! Will not God bless his endeavours? I trust so, for it seems all of his ordering. NB. Mr. Swan is a Presbyterian; yet is willing to help the Episcopal communion in a work so evidently beneficial to the cause of Christ.

Our subscriptions now amount to rising of $1,000 -- in NYork.

God is opening many doors to encourage our hopes & trust in his goodness. You may expect two or three pupils soon. One young man from NYork & the two Twells from Phila.

I have not yet heard from Bethlehem tell Mr. S. as soon as I do he shall hear from me.

My whole time is exceedingly once [pied] but I constantly think of you and dear home not withstanding.

God is gracious to me, healing mine infirmities and supporting my spirits. I am better in health than at any time since I went to Phila. By the by I hear that the subscription in that City has increased more than $200 since I left it.

Do continue your prayers for me. Some faithful souls surely are praying for me or I shd. never succeed so well. All the glory be to God. Tell Dudley & Henry & Mary to mention me in their prayers; which if they shd. neglect for one day, it would grieve me more than I can tell.

Give my best love to Dear Lucia Tell her that her mother and all her aunts in Bethel & Randolph manifest a closer walk with Christ since the death of Dear Aunt Durkee than ever. They seldom meet without kneeling downward and praying to God together that they may be fitted & prepared to die. I was quite affected at the evident change wrought within them.

Don’t forget me to Dear Fanny & Mr. Wing and all friends -- your faithful Hus.

P. Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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