Philander Chase



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Pratt sends copies of the "British Review," "Christian Observer," and the "Appeal." Suggestions for Chase's trip to Cambridge and trip back to London.




England voyage, Christian Observer, Appeal, Mr. Evans, Manchester, Mr. Venn, England, Cambridge


London, Jan 31st 1824

Right Rev. and Dear Sir

I wrote to you, yesterday, by post, and, to-day, sent a parcel, by coach, containing copies of the Numbers, just published, of the “Christian Observer” and the “British Review”; both of which will give you much satisfaction. This morning, on returning home to my house, I found your letter of the 29th (Thursday), wherein you say that on “Friday next” you shall proceed to Mr. Evans’s, near Derby. On the presumption that you meant yesterday, I forward this Letter to Allestree: but, in case you should have meant the following Friday, I request Mr. Evans to forward this Letter to you to Manchester. I have sent, with the B Review and C Observer, 30 copies of the “Appeal”, supposing that more might be wanted.

If you have done, in the parts which you have visited, what you may seem expedient, I should think that the ground is now prepared for your returning to London. In my Letter to you of yesterday, I stated that Mr. Venn had prepared the way for you at Cambridge, so that many friends would bid you welcome there; but, as you could, any day, proceed to Cambridge for London in a few hours, perhaps the University could be fuller a short time hence, though I do not think that a reason for your delaying your visits if other circumstances should induce you to hasten it: only I should wish to know a few days before you go, that I might forward Letters and copies of the Appeal to Cambridge, and [appraise] upon the [?] to whom they could be sent.

If you were in London by the middle of February, I think it could be in good time. I pray God, Dear Sir, to direct your path, and to crown you and your labours to promote the kingdom of our Lord and Saviour with His loving kindness and [?] mercy. In these desires and prayers my family unite with, Right Reverend Sir,

Your [faithful] affectionate Servant,

Josiah Pratt

Letter to Josiah Pratt



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