William Meade



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William Meade sends Philander Chase some old letters he found while moving into a new house.




William Meade, Philander Chase, Mr. Ward, London, England, fire


Millwood Jan 22d 52

Dear Bishop

I have recently entered my new house which the [liberality] [of] the enabled me to build & on entering it had to put in some order [books], [paper], & [letters] which have been in [confusion] ever since the fire.

My eyes have necessarily fallen on some old things which otherwise I might never have [examined] again. Among them the enclosed letters which tho they will convey nothing new to you may yet be gratifying.

Mr. [Wormby] who sent me Mr Ward’s letter was uncle to my first wifes mother & once lived in [V.a.] neighbourhood, two of them yet alive & in the West. His son is a Commodore in the English navy & married in Boston. I think Mr Ward -- now bishop -- dined with me at Lord Bexley’s in London & carried me to my lodgings at night. I heard him well & spoken of in England. He is of course on the right side.

We are in the midst of a most severe winter. One of your letters about the consecration of Bishop Whitehouse written [?] in October reached me a few days since. Such a think would not be in Old England.

Yours truly

W. Meade

Letter to Philander Chase



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