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black and white photograph of 'Donau' ship

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash:

The deportation of the Jews of Norway followed an expectable sequence of steps involving arrest, confiscation of property, having one's ID stamped with the letter "J," filling out forms detailing property, holdings, etc. Ultimately, deportation involved the active collaboration of the Norwegian police, the Quisling government, German SS and Gestapo. With less than 2000 Jews residing in Norway, and with shipping being scarce to send Norway's Jews to the extermination centers, one would not think that Germany would go through the effort required to send them to Poland. However, in the Autumn of 1942, shipping was made available and on November 26, 1942, 532 Jews were deported on the ships Donau and Monte Rosa. A total of 768 Jews were deported and ultimately sent to Auschwitz. Only 28 survived the war. Quisling faced a firing squad; his name was to become a term of derision meaning traitor or collaborator.


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Quisling, Norway, Donau, ship, Auschwitz, deportation



Norway: The Donau and the Monte Rosa



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