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Tan paper with typewritten messages on either side, baring several signatures.Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: Theodor Eicke (1892-1943) was a German Military Officer, Commander of the SS-Divison Totenkopf of the Waffen-SS and one of the key figures in the establishment of concentration camps in Nazi Germany. Together with SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Michael Lippert, Eicke executed SA chief Ernst Rohm following the Night of the Long Knives. This letter was written as division commander, SS Totenkopf, April 3, 1940 to the SS personalhauptamt in Berlin concerning the notorious SS Obersturmfuhrer Friedrich Fritz Hartjenstein. Eicke discusses a transfer of Hartjenstein from the 2nd SS div. Brandenburg to the 4th SS div. Ostmark indicating that there was no room for an officer of his rank in Eicke's 3rd SS div. Totenkopf with four additional endorsements signed by Oberfuhrers and Standartenfuhrers of the Totenkopf and Ostmark divisions determining that a spot was available for Hartjenstein in the latter division. Hartjenstein would join Eicke's Totenkopf division in 1941. In 1942, he was appointed the commandant of Birkenau, the death camp in Auschwitz. He was responsible there for hundreds of thousands of gassings. In 1944, he was transferred to Natzweiler concentration camp and appointed the commandant. he was subsequently transferred to Flossenberg, serving as commandant. Following a series of trials at war's end, he escaped execution, succumbing to a heart attack.


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German Military, Officer Commander of the SS-Divison, Totenkopf of the Waffen-SS, Berlin, Theodor Eicke, Michael Lippert

Letter from Theodor Eicke



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