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Tan postcard with printed red postcard lines. Addressed to Dr. Lauer from Simon Neisser. Includes two messages in different handwriting in black ink.

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: Front message translation: "We are still in Berlin expecting to be sent to Theresienstadt any day!Berlin -- 16/9/42From Simon Neisser to Dr. Lauer, Biel, SwitzerlandMailed by Werner Carl RabinowitzThe last two days we spent in our room all by ourselves, praying to the Almighty for peace and good health. May he soon hear our prayers and answer them. Uncle Max is still with us to help us pack. We will travel in the next few days to Theresienstadt. We are calm and quiet and pray to the Almighty that we stay well. We have not heard from our children but will also write to them following the trip. Our faith in God will continue to help us and give us strength. All of you stay well and we send our greetings to all.With love Uncle Simon"The second message is in “Old German Script.” Translation: "My very dear ones:Uncle Max was here and must have had permission to visit us. The definite day for our departure has not been decided. We are now ready to leave and hope to see all of you again soon in good health. We place all of you in God’s care who gives all of us strength and hope to meet whatever the future holds. May God bless and protect us and keep us protected by his loving care. It is with this wish that I wish all of my dear ones the very best. Once again we thank you for your love and your affection and your prayers and I greet you as your loving aunt. D ? Werner Israel Rabinowitz."


4 x 5 3/4"


Theresienstadt, Reich seal, Stamp, Berlin, Censor, Biel, Switzerland, Simon Lauer Neisser, Werner Carl Rabinowitz, Werner Israel Rabinowitz, Werner Rabinowitz

Theresienstadt Postcard: Awaiting Deportation