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Oil Painting


This is one of Yang Ke-Qin's series paintings of sleeping people. In this painting, the gender of the sleeping individual could be androgynous. Their features are masculine and feminine simultaneously. Usually, Yang depicts women figures in resting or sleeping positions, and often they are pictured naked. Unusually, the subject in this painting does, in fact, appear to be clothed. Another contrast is that this painting includes light brown and beige tones, while the other paintings within this series often include very vibrant colors to display imagery. This coloration provides an overall lighter and calmer disposition, which contrasts Yang's trademark chaotic and dark elements in her paintings. Also, out of the rest of the series, this individual appears to be the most relaxed. They are pictured resting in a calm position with a hand over the midriff. Their mouth slightly open and eyes closed. There is no apparent tension between their eyes and forehead. (Nicole Wang '26).



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