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Oil Painting


This oil painting depicts an image of a woman in a position of surrender. It is likely to be a part of Yang's oil painting series of women sleeping in various positions. The chaotic coloring of this painting conveys an uncomfortable feeling. The woman is collapsed -- bent over with her head to her raised, crossed arms. What she is yielding to is unknown, but it looks as if she is giving up after a long struggle. She appears to be ashamed, ducking down her head into her shoulders, afraid to pick up her head. Her arms appear bruised due to its pale blue-green colorization. The brightest and warmest part of her body appears to be her stomach. She is completely naked and has short-cropped hair. Another similarity between this painting and others of the series is that the background seems dark, chaotic, and boundary-less. It is a darkness capable of enveloping the woman completely. Her only defense against this darkness seems to be her own vibrancy and nuance, but the meaning of this painting, as well as all of Yang's works, is up to individual interpretation. (Nicole Wang '26)



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