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Oil paint


Two figures are presented in this work: by the left, a (presumably) female figure has her hands landed gently onto a solid, horizontal stick. She faces us with her head directing slightly to her right. Closer to us -- by the right part of the composition -- is another figure (ambiguous of gender) seems to be seated in a car. We can conjecture that by his/her gripped hands upon a steering wheel. The "car" which he/she drives, however, is by no mean realistic: the scale of it is too small for the figures, and its mechanism (the protruding steering wheel for example) too dysfunctional. Though no clarity is given, we can guess the two figures are somewhere in nature, perhaps by a river and mountain, guessing from a few white-blue blend paint by the left middle ground (tides), and a gargantuan triangular structure by the background (mountain). The entire composition of the (original, bottom layered) painting is disturbed by a few painted striped laying vertically on its surface. (Jerry Wu'23).



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