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Action Art with hair, bathtub, toothbrush, razor and more


This action art is a collaboration between artist Ma Liuming and Zhang Huan. The artists duo remained in a bathroom and acted intimately upon each other: while Ma brushed his(her) teeth repetitively and shaved Zhang's hair off with a razor, Zhang Huan used the razor to shave his pubic area. After the body works, the two artists went to a bathtub jointly. The photographs captured the bathtub in three stages: first with clear water caressing the artists' naked bodies; second with a pool of bubbles of soap; and finally the bathtub is charged with black body hair (this stage is what this archive entry shows). Though the two male artists (biologically) interacted intimately in a private and at times sensuous space like a bathroom, not many sexual allusion was given by their interactions. However, the audiences are prompt to think about sex, gender, and gender roles with the almost sexual -- but not -- contacts of the two artists; the androgynous body of Ma fuels greatly to that train of thoughts. (Asian Art Magazine, 90年代东村行为艺术概况, available on http://www.miaozhe.net/zixun-1/35309561.htm (This web is a reproduction of the original texts in the magazine)) (Jerry Wu'23).



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