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Exhibition Event Title

"DaWeiXiang (Big Tail Elephant) Work Group" Art Exhibition

Date of Exhibition Event

October, 1992

Location of Exhibition Event

Guangzhou, China


Metal web, bricks, and sanitary pump


700 x 40 x 180 cm


Upon a rectangle stack of bricks, LIN attached numerous sanitary pumps on the surface of it (three of the pumps by one end of the installation are attached to the ground instead). Above the array, some bricks "suspend" (are installed) in the air by the support of the metal web, of which is extended out from the center of the artwork to the outer part, forming a "box" like structure to enclose the work. While at the right the artwork ends within the exhibition room, the left end of the installation exceeds the space of the exhibition hall and expands into a darker room adjacent to it. The traveling in space this work takes makes it penetrative -- penetrating the constraints of space, and perhaps claiming boldly, the confines landed at art realm at large. LIN's crude compositions for his work, that he composes the work with only the ready-made and available objects, may play into his artistic ambition to let the art speaks for reality, for the tangible, visible world we engage with. (Nolsh and Polman [named translated from "尤里·诺施/沃尔夫·波尔曼"], 住器陈列一, available on https://www.linyilin.com/ins-goods1-ch) (Jerry Wu'23).



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