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Jie JIANG 姜杰


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Project on Paper

Exhibition Event Title

半边天 (The half of the sky)

Date of Exhibition Event

June 10, 1998

Location of Exhibition Event

Bonn Women's Museum, Germany


Calendar, pen mark, figurine


On the surface of several selected calendar pages ("November, 1994" -- as displayed in the photograph), JIANG Jie marked out some selected dates -- usually the ones by the latter part of the month -- with the symbol "O" enclosing and "X". Before several numerics indicating the dates -- again, by large the dates by the end of the month at issue -- the artist placed a few micro figurines in the shapes similar to babies. The placements of the "baby" figurines before the dates, along with the marks of cancellation, could play into JIANG Jie's intention to communicate the periodical days in each month women need to heed for pregnancy, or the opposing extreme, abortion (miscarriage). This work highlights an issue that is dictated by gender, exclusively for female. (Huang, 全球化浪潮中当代中国艺术的取向: 记有关波恩两个『半边天』中国女艺术家和男艺术家大展, Art and Design, 2019, available on https://www.artdesign.org.cn/article/view/id/31243) (Jerry Wu'23).



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