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Summer 2023


My research is attempting to use infrared and UV-Vis ellipsometry as a method to model the dielectric function of PdCdTe, Fe3Si, and FeGe2. Through collaborators we were able to acquire a series of PdCdTe samples with varying concentrations of Cd and samples of Fe3Si and FeGe2. We have obtained data on these samples using our in-house infrared ellipsometer and UV-Vis ellipsometer. Our data contains spectra at different angles of incidence and wavelengths of light. During my summer science internship I developed models which simulate the raw data which allows us to understand the properties of the material. From these models we can determine the dielectric function and deduce the material’s optical and electrical properties. If we are able to successfully model the dielectric function of our samples we can further understand the fundamental properties of these substances. This is important because PdCdTe is seen as a potential new way to detect gamma and x-rays in more compact and more accurate machines. So a better understanding of these materials properties could greatly benefit the fields of medical technologies and astronomy.



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