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St. Jerome translation of the Bible; There is a small curved cut in the bottom left corner, this seems to be from a defect in the animals skin, it was like this when the manuscript was first made. It suggests that the original patron did not pay a large amount for this book. Besides this, there are many wrinkles, but otherwise it is in very good condition.; Decorative letters in the margins.; Ege calls this "Rotunda Gothic Script," but there are major differences in this manuscript than traditional manuscripts of this form. In particular, the letters are very close to one another, which seems to imply an influence from earlier styles. This should be considered a "Bastard Script" which was used because it was faster to write than other scripts. Commentaries on the text are written in red ink and the text itself is in black.; Ege notes that Italians were less concerned with producing high quality manuscripts than their Northern counterparts, and that is evident here, however, the small print shows that there was a great deal of time and skill that went into this manuscript.; Very simple decorations done in blue and red.; Black, red, and blue inks

Description Recto

Wisdom 1.14 - 3.4; Hair Side

Description Verso

Song of Songs 7.1 - 8.7 and Wisdom 1.1 - 1.14; Flesh Side


Purchased from Otto F. Ege

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19.5 cm x 13 cm



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Otto F. Ege's "50 Original Leaves from Medieval Manuscripts"

Date Digitized

November 2006




Mid 1200s

Bible (Song of Songs and Wisdom): Number 11



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