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You missed election - should have shared in the victory! About clergy and visitations… Tullidge has been written to about college presidency


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letter, McIlvaine, Bedell, clergy, Kenyon College


Cinc. Oct. 19, 1863

My dear Bishop

Yours of 13th from Middletown recd on the 17th. We shall be glad to see you in the Metropolis, especially after our great Ohio [?] in the election, of of [sic] which you were not a [?] ever

Oh! [?] Bishop - she daddling when you shall have been on the ground to vote- Yes in Middletown [Comm.] on the 13th.

As to Leavitt, ordain him. I had been meditating it. He must be quick about his papers.

I will write him. I was so glad to hear of Leavitt [Aiken]. I had had thoughts of writing to Wash. to know whether he had been killed or wounded. He was one of [Ellsworths] Chicago [?] I got the Pres. to give him a commission.

As to Toledo, I have changed the Programme. I am to be there for visitations, Sund. 8th Nov. On Thursday (instead of the Friday after, as I wrote you) I expect to be back from [M?] &c. + have the [corner observation] that is Nov. 12th. I hope you will come + help.

Charley is doing nicely + in very good spirits. I spend Sunday before last there. Mr. McElory has placed his family [there], a clerical parish.

I preached yesterday at [G]. After sermon the [?] met about Mr. [Tracy] + showed me your high recommendation of him. They either called him out or not. [?] asked him to come in at [their] expense to see if he would accept the Rectorship. I know not which. I do not hear what they are doing at P? or Delaware. From all I hear [L?] would be good for either.

Dr. [Tyson] has sent the nomination of [Tullidge]. + I have written the latter to consider himself as virtually elected, + to let me know his mind. We must have a meeting of Trustees.

Yours affectionately


Letter to Bishop Bedell



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