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Regarding new Episcopal school - would have to be private property - not Bishop and Diocese. Ready to promote such a female school as far as can, but not in Gambier. Will try to kill without hurting.


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Bp. McIlvaine

about Samford’s school

Cinc. Saturday

Feb. 20 /64

My dear Bishop

I have just recd + read Mr. Samford’s letter enclosed in yours. I am entirely in favour of now doing all we can in the way of patronage + official countenance, for the support of the school. I do [sic] not what his special place of making it a distinctly Episcopal school may be. But my way to the consideration of that is all cleared by the school being one of private property + responsibility so that the Diocese nor the Bp. are to be in any sense owners or charged with the care. I am ready to promote such F[?] Seminars just so [?] as they can be supported + well [concluded].

Col. [?] died on Thursday last. Funeral tomorrow. His mind while ti was itself was very clear + happy- The W. Ep. is very well [concluded]. I can not countenance a F[?] Seminary. at G. but will not ask tell you say fire - + then I will try to kill without hurting

Yours affly,


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Letter to Bishop Bedell



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