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FAMILY: John, Charley; Pierrepont, Dr. Hawks


KMcI 551206




letter, McIlvaine, daughter, family


My darling Mamy—

I was at L[?] a few hours on Wed. being taken there by Wash[?] from Dresden, + saw dear Georgy + the King of B[ashan?] both looking remarkably well + sweet, the former still keeping up his dignity as to having been forsaken by his Mama. Wash[?] looks well, + I hope the [?] treatment will remove his ailings. I found all well at home. We regret exceedingly that you are not to be at the wedding, but of [sic] you are recovered from your [unwellingness?] by staying in N.Y. we shall be glad, + your dear Brother Joe must be absent too. Wash[?] will come, + I wish the children + their nurse might be sent here to day during your absence, or if their Father cannot spare them so long, at least for a [month?]. I am sorry Gen. G. consented to W[?]’s marriage in N.Y. + so [?] I think it is very unwise + [might] not to have been asked or consented to. But it is not my business. Charley has had a severe operation to day with extraction of three misplaced teeth very large + most of them with a sack at the [?] He took chloroform under the doctor’s supervision + [?] no [?] but did feel a good deal. It was a difficult operation + he would not have stood it without the chloroform. It will save him much suffering dear boy! My darling I hope you will be as much at your Uncle’s as profitable, + manifest all love to have + your Aunt. Don’t let new connections in any degree displace those whom you are much nearer to. A nobler being is not on the earth than your Uncle. Be wholly at home there. Go in + [not?] as at home. [?] pleases them. Go as soon as you can to Mr. P[?] + a [?] time when you can. I wish you were to go for the [?] where the proceeding is more profitable _ the church less f[?] than at Calvay — I [?] Dr. R[?] but do no think much of the profitableness of his ministry. Don’t go to Church on Sunday to see Churches. When you can have your Uncle’s carriage go to his Ch. [??] [?] Things are plainer there + the preaching is good, + it will please your Uncle. I would rather hear Dr. A[?] than Dr [?]

My darling you will no doubt remember that you will be among [?] whose ideas of Christian [?] + worldliness are very different from [mine] + yours. You will be asked + expected to go much [into] large

Letter to Maria (Mamy) Du Bois (daughter)



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