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letter, McIlvaine, Bedell


Bp: McIlvaine

Cinc. Feb. 8 _ ? 1860


Dear Bishop—

I wish I could have seen you after receiving the letter from G. today. I intended to have spoken to you this morning about Indianapolis but forgot it. Since we spoke of your going, I have thought more about it, + am under the impression that it would be better not to go. If you consider the appointments you will see that thrice out of the four diocese, nearest Indianapolis have been passed over, except

as the Assistant Bp. of Ohio has been appointed. It is so [?] to go away off to Wisconsin to get a sermoner Bp. + to Missionary for a consecrator, when Bp. [S?] + I are the nearest Bps. to Indianapolis, + I the nearest of all, except Bp. Uppold. It is so evident in appointing you that the object was to save the appearance of passing over the nearest Bishops’ residence + yet [around] having me as the Sermoner + it is all so exactly of a piece with what has been the case toward, [?] from those quarters always, especially where Bp. K? + McC? have been concerned

(for the arrangement is no doubt [?] in concert with Bp. Williams.) that I would prefer that you should declare the appointment, seeing that there will be four without you + you are put in only to save the appearance of leaving out the diocese oldest, + from which access to Indianapolis is the easiest.

Besides I think the Gambier affair needs your presence as soon as possible. The weather should not be supposed to get cold before the example set by Commencements + benefactions, + especially those who are both, is enquired of the excitement. There has been before too stack a hand in dealing with bene[?] who have [?] thus - + now I want an example.

As to communicants [?] as such, admonition may be all that is needed. But as to expectations of the ministry, + beneficiary above all, do ? of a strong kind is needed. I shall send a call to the Ed. Committee to meet at ee? + enter in the business, + I hope they will request your attendance + counsel.

I see nothing in Mr. Thoell’s

better to give the least hope of his possible acceptance, & to want his answer would be only loss of time. It will just give the Church the name of another rejection.

I know you will have a pleasant time at Columbus. Your visit here has given the greatest pleasure on all hands


The pledge signed is reasonable ground for ? to College, but more than that should be requested before a beneficiary should be forgiven. The question must be considered by the Ed. Committee in regard to each — shall he be contained a benficiary. The Church does not give many to be spent on preparing [?] for the ministry — who can set much an example — or be [?] by such a temptation. It is prima facie evidence that each should be dropped, in my judgment. I would go right up tomorrow + see about it, but am afraid

Yours very affly,


Letter to Bishop Bedell



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