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KC: Updates on Kenyon's progress, ordination of new men to the clergy




letter, McIlvaine, Fuller, Kenyon College, Bronson


Burlington N. J.

July 1, 1841

My dear friend and brother,

I cannot say how it is that I have suffered your affectionate and most welcome letter, recd a long time ago, to remain so long unanswered. I had the [?] to write immediately, but was taken ill. On my recovery, I set out on a series of visitations, and took it with me to answer. And the indisposition caused by always having more to do than I had ability to perform, kept it off - and now all I have to do is to beg your pardon and promise to be a better boy in the future. I had some hope that I might meet you at the Mission Board in N. Y. last week. Bp. Eastburn was there, looking well, and I am glad to learn how well he had weathered the storm in Boston. Mr. Smith, (your successor at Gambier) is highly satisfactory to us all, as a Professor and Pastor and Preacher. The College in all internal respects, except number of students, which is slowly on the increase, is in a very good state. Mr. Bronson exceeds expectations as Pres. and is what we needed - a plain, hard-working, self-sacrificing, and very judicious man; [moreover] a western-man, which is of great consequence and has the entire confidence of the students. I expect to move to my house near [?] in the beginning of Oct. Your young men will be ordained at the Convention which meets this year, at Delaware, the day after Commencement. Suppose you came out and be present at their ordination - It would be very gratifying to them and all of us.

I was much interested in your account of your present [subtraction] and your theological school. May you have the happiness of training up many faithful witnesses and preachers of the truth who will never be seduced from the gospel. I hope your health is well established. I left all my family in their usual health. Please give my kind regards to Mrs. Fuller and believe me to be very affectionately

Your friend and brother

Char. P. McIlvaine

Letter to Fuller



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