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letter, McIlvaine, Bedell


Bp: McIlvaine

about visitation

Cinc. Dec. 14 /59


My dear Bishop—

Yours of the 9th from Gambier has been with me since Monday the 12th

As to Rector Cooper is called to St. Johns here. I hope now he will accept this. All I know of Newton I like. His wife is a great difficulty — when they lived in [Covington] she was a terrible [???]

it was said. I have just asked my daughter about her. She has heard from a cousin who spends her summers at W. Chester, that Mrs. N. goes on as before + is a perfect disgrace, a woman of ungoverend temper, vulgar + intemperate, a great many years older than he. He married her, I have heard, to reward her for having [?] him in [?] before he was an order [?]

At Dayton I have just heard they have been called [?] body a Mr. Spencer of Terre Haute, Inda. I never heard of him before. They think they are the ones to judge of the “right sort of a man” for them. We are old fogies. I’m the [aspect of matters.] I will write to [?] to see what will come of it before we go to any further [?] of Chicago [? where] Bp. Whitehouse has so [?] is called to Akron + wants to go, + will go, but thanks + so Dr. Clarkson thinks who seem to sympathize with Addams, will do all he can to hedge up his way [?] + keep a transfer from him. I think of all the men we have [?] had [?] the Episcopal, his spirit of [meanness] [?]

[?] artifice, + persecution where he has the power. [?] Addams will go to Akron + then ask for a transfer. I will send Taylors -- I will write to Wharton. I will see Odine, + let Goddard know about Cohen. Both parishes in Columbus have been visited during this year, since May last. The parishes receiving are those of Worthington, Clinton, attached to + near Worthington.,, Delaware, Berkshire, [Marion], Jefferson, Dresden, Madison (near Dresden) Crop Creek Perry + Mill Creek (supplied from Gambier). + two small country pastors are up there ready or quite defunct viz Cross Creek & Spring

feld near Nembreville, with a small parish at E. Liverpool Chambana Co. Crop Greek + E. Liverpool are [?] the Rev. Mr. Christian (P.O. E. Liverpool Columbiene Co.) As [??] the roads are very bad + the two former are in the hills. I would defer them till spring. [Henbenville] I took on my way to Gen. [C] Hills [?] + Chillicothe. I will go to / Janu/y You could take [?] Chester, Delaware, Berk-shire + [Marion] at one [?] that is if there should be good wheeling from Del. to Marion at the [?] Mr. McElroy would drive you near. [M] is vacant, + [??] Delaware would be a good resting place for Mr. Bedell.

I have had scarlet fever in my family, my little grand-daugther. Mr. [Hewson’s] she is now recovering, but I have a very ill case, in my [?] which keeps my attention a good deal, &c.

Yours very affectionately

C.. P. M—

Letter to Bishop Bedell



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