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letter, McIlvaine


Cinc. Nov. 28 /59

Rev. + dear Sir—

I received today your note enclosing a bit of books purchased for the Library. As I enter all the books on the book of the fund, + [?] to be more precise than a booksellers bill, + there is no name I cannot make out. I return the bill I will thank you to inform me what the first name is, + what Ec. means. also what [??] are about [?] of [what] + El [??] in [what]

I send a draft of the amount of the bill $79.11 I recd also the other list from Mr. [Wary]. It contains several books already in the library. This is not the way I want the books [??] I wish hereafter that all lists be laid before the faculty + adopted by Faculty vote, + then sent me for approval + then ordered. The responsibility should be that of the Faculty.

I will thank you when you write to tell me how many volumes of Olshausen are in the Library, + what [?] the Gospels + [?] they [?]

I am glad to hear the disgraceful disturbance in the College is … wish an example [?]

made of such villains as [?]

by handing them over to the [?] anybody + giving them a [?] of [??]

Affectionate [?] Mr. D + daugher. Charles is at the University of [?] going on with Mathematics + Greek.

(return the bills)

Yours affectionately


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