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Trip to White Mtns. General convention - "it is now considered a settled matter that all the southern churches will come back."




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House of Bishops (letterhead)

Philadelphia, October 9, 1865

Dearest Charley-

It seems a wonderful while since I had the light of your dear face in my eye, or a letter from your dear hand. Nain + I had a nice visit at Newport, thought a great deal about your & Anne’s + [Millies] being there, tried to identify your walks, &c. + all scenes had the more interest because of much [?]. We took a transfer the White Mountains which took us by Lowell but we saw exceeding little of it from the station. There we thought of dear Charley. A letter from your Mother today speaks in the warmest terms of the delight she had in your late visit home. I feel a little jealous of a visit which I was not there to enjoy. At the White Mountains I took a severe cold which is now nearly gone. Nain _ I are most [?] + comfortably entertained at Mr. Power. As all the female part of the family are in Europe, Nain presides - The Gen. Convo. goes on slowly as to business. It is now considered as settled that all the Southern Churches will come back. The Bps of N. Carolina, Atkinson + Bp. Lay are sitting with us & Bp. Wilmer’s jurisdiction in Alabama has been sanctioned, with an admonition for his Pastoral Letter about Prayer for the Presd. This action is considered as settling the whole question of the return + these present Southern brethren are exceedingly pleased + they do behave very well. They think there will no meeting of the “Council” at Mobile in Nov. that it will be tacitly understood that all is partially settled. Though in the settlement here, especially in the other House, there has been a great deal of manifestation of Copperhead[ers] + weak-kneed loyalty + of prodigious rejoicing over the return - a rejoicing so high that it seems extravagant + indicates of something worse, I have no time to write more

Goodbye darling --

Your dear Father


Letter to Charles McIlvaine



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