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Regarding Evangelical ministers




letter, McIlvaine, judge, church


House of Bishops

Oct. 21/68

My dear Sir,

In agreement with such other Bishops, connected with our Evangelical [?], as I have spoken with on the subject of this work. I beg to say to you, as Pres. of the Church Mess. Soc. that I feel very uncomfortable in seeing how our position, as connected with that Soc. & how that of Evangelical Ministers of our Church in general, is in danger of being misunderstood & misrepresented by the fact that a Rev. Brother who by his recent publication is so identified with extreme views as to the teaching of the Prayer Book & who is so [?] to [?] the same, is the Secretary & Agent of the Cenc. [?] Soc; & I desire most kindly & respectfully to call your attention to the importance, in consideration of the great [?] in these days that our Evangelical ranks should be as much as possible undivided that some change should be made.

Very respectfully,

Your friend,

Charles P. McIlvaine.

We heartily concur in the above.

Alfred Lee


G. J. Bedell

Thomas [?]

This is not sent to be made public.

C. P.M.

Letter to Judge C.



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