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letter, McIlvaine, daughter


Baden Baden

Sept. 11, 1858

My dearest Mamy—

I forget when it was that I wrote you last, but I have found here the Rev. Mr. [Meningarde of Rotham??] who sails west Wed. + by him I must write you another, though it must be very short. [?] Nain + Margarette are very well, + as you may suppose are enjoying themselves to the uttermost. I will go back a little way + just [jot?] out my note, from when I suppose I wrote last. After enjoying our nice visit to [Fordham] [(Bp. of Westchester) + to [??] we sailed from [?] to [?] Sept. 2. I have been working up the Rhine Country [?] Cologne, Brun/ last Sunday) Coblertz. Evans / a watering place) Weisbaden, Frankfort. Heidelberg + this remarkable place of [conscience]. Today we go to Basle to spend Sunday. Then Monday we shall be at the mountains. This splendid place of the elite + [for him + ? being] of all Europe is full of Russians, French + English visitors chiefly the two first. The Princess of Prussia is here, + a vast company of titled folks. We enjoyed last night the [secure] [??] the promenade of elegantly dressed ladies + men of all sorts, + natures moving to + fro, a land of music playing, &c &c.

We consistently think + speak of you, my darling, + your sweet ones. According to Washington[‘s] [?], we have taken a [course]. We found a very good man at Weisbaden, a German speaking English very well, well [supported] for [honesty]. We find him very attentive + helpful + he will [??] of a great [?] of care. Mr. [Gadiden’s] party + [menu are ?] the expense, + I think he will save us a good deal of it. My darling, I cannot write a longer letter as I have several to get ready.

Nain’s + my best love to Washington + the children + you my precious daughter. The Lord be with you all.

Your dear Father

I forgot to say that in health I am doing well.

Letter to Maria (Mamy) Du Bois (daughter)



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