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FAMILY: Nain, Mrs. Deane, Margaretta, Gadsden, Mary, Bishop Davis


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letter, McIlvaine, Du Bois, son-in-law, family


Liverpool August 2/58

My dear Washington,

We arrived here, by the Lord’s goodness, this morning. Our passage was very agreeable. After two or three days of head wind, not [?], we had light favorable [breezes] all the way, and had the favor of seeing no fog on the banks, but the pleasure of seeing six icebergs in one day, some very large but all keeping a respectful distance. Though the headwinds of the first days were not such as to raise much of a sea, they [made] a sea which being short and [?], caused a great deal of sea-sickness on board. I had more than at any time since my first passage. Nain and Mrs. Deane say some gave up. On Saturday (we left Wednesday) I got on deck again and soon got the entire [?]– on that Sunday, I was able to [?] the morning prayer with the Rev. Gadsden of Charleston who with his wife and nieces (all very congenial persons), were fellow passengers and to make a short address. Nain and Margaretta were well enough also to attend the service. Then they soon got quite well and enjoyed the passage very much. The sea was throughout so calm that we had not once waves much higher than are frequently seen on the south river between [?] and Jersey City, and except for one rainy day, there was none in which the upper deck was not pleasant all the time. The two girls lived on the upper deck, from the time they rose, till they went to bed, which usually was at a late hour. They are delightful companions to each other and to me and have found very pleasant ones in the party above mentioned.

We are all here together at the [Adelphia], our girls and Mrs. Gadsden occupying one room, Mr. and Mrs. G another, I another, and having a sitting room for all. They are very desirous of being of our party on the continent, and so publicly it will be. Much expense in rooms and carriage hire and fees will thus be saved for all, especially if we have a courier. Today, Nain and Margaretta and the Gadsdens are gone to Chester and Edna Hall and the Menai Bridge to return tomorrow morning. I stayed aboard because I need the rest, having lost my sleep the two last nights in consequence of the noise of getting the ship ready for port. A good night’s rest will sit me up again. I [?] much in strength during the voyage and had no return of an [?] sense of [weakness] which before I [?], had come over me, usually in the latter part of each day. I kept a daily journal which I send to Mrs. M and she will send it to dear Mamy. There much I thought and we talked of you all. Mamy’s [?] was a sweet refreshment to look on. Now little Nain and I expected [two] months ago to be this side the ocean at this time. I found Rev. Davis of D.C. here, having arrived two days before us. He is at the same hotel. Nain would send love if she were here. She has written to [Emmy]. Our earnest love to precious Mamy and the sweet little ones. Your brother Cornelius called, the day we sailed, to give them $50, of which you and he bore each a half. It was very kind in both. My friends in [?] came forward very kindly to my and gave about $900 in a very agreeable way and my dear brother adds a letter of credit which will far exceed my needs. The Lord keep and bless you all. A Father’s [heart] prayers and blessing.

Yours very affectionately,

  1. P. McIlvaine

Letter to G.W. Du Bois (son-in-law)



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