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Fragment of a letter by Charles Petit McIlvaine to unknown recipient




letter, McIlvaine


[reputer] course of the Seminary Examination, but at the same time an examination for order. In order to [?] I will thank you to make it a study of the every, with reference to much examination. Each candidate, at the end of each examination, will be [?] as to the question whether his first year, or second year, as the case may be, has satisfactorily fulfilled the years of [candidate?] in all respects independently of his seminary standing. I know it has not been [?] before, but I wish to make it, much more, a partner matter as well

[pg2] of examination as of study, in order to get more study of the [?], aside from systematic divinity & the questions of [Endine] of [Chant?].

I enclose a leef of a catalogue of books now [adveritzed] by Rv. W. [Bruton] & Co. 87 Walker M: N.Y. for the Faculty to consider whether to purchase the books there marked. If they say aye, they may be ordered.

Yours affectionately,

Charles P. McIlvaine

I will thank you to pay for me $2.00 for the Kenyon Collegian for 59-[?]0 & I will send it when I write again. I have not [?] a $2 [?]. I hope your [?] being is the [?], in such with the [side of page] former Rector being at Gambier will work well for Gambier.

Fragment of Letter to Unknown Recipient



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