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Proposal of President Lincoln, Seward and Chase that McIlvaine go to England to try to influence the British toward the Northern cause.




letter, McIlvaine, Chase, England


My dear [?],

I write you on the 26th this idea I had formed of what [?] should be placed to [?] evident besides the pap[?er] and re[?ed] a telegraph answer yesterday. Having received none I send a dispatch asking for an answer whether I could rely on that a[?] or whether an answer to the question of my letter whether it ever [?] to you a [?] meaning an answer today caused the Office to represent their [work] [?] in [?] to get an [?] an {/] am as fruitful a [?]. It is [?] ever might I have no answer, known. I await to go to Cha[lkesthe]. I need Bp. Bedell for the purpose of working the [re?] decision arrangement in case of M[?] all can be a friend to the people of Rep[?] God, however for [winter] [?] he may deem it be our [?] in this [?] reception I place our trust in Bp. Hughes or hope of the[?] except [?] for [?] over cause may happen to be temporarily [?]. I hope your house has ceased to be dev[?]

Yours affectionately,

Charles P. McIlvaine

Letter to S. P. Chase



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