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Updating Washington on Church activities and daily life




letter, McIlvaine, Du Bois, son-in-law


Winchester Dec. 16, 1858

My dear Washington,

I have rec’d from W. [?] [?] the Announcement you [?] of the birth of your little B[?] the well-doing of my [?]. Mary I thank our Heavenly Father for his good [?]. I had found an account of the n[e?] f[or?] that and weekend. I hope my next letter will speak as formally of her continuance. My best love and of my whole heart, try [pre?] child and all [his] years-- with yourself-- [Dan] and I came yesterday to South Hampton to see your Maggie off in the Fulton, who is called home by the threatening [thup?] of her younger brother, Charles-- we parted with her with great regret for her company has been a great pleasure-- Poor girl, she goes to visit affliction. We are on at W. Camp’s. our Saturday we go to find about your day at Fa[mhan] Castle-- T[B?] ord[?]ction is on Sunday, in the Chapel of the Castle and as I preached for him in that occasion when your Arthur was with me in ‘53, so soon he has engaged me, to do so again. As the Chapel is small and the congregation will be composed only of the 30 candidates of the household, and a few visitors and clergy I will not try [more]-- I told him I would preach, if he would let me preach, an [mantle] sermon. He said he lifted up the Lord, for I , I refuse offers to preach except as a little quiet way now and then, that I may not use what I have gained, with any [note] of [life], while from home. Thus I have declined Dean L[ench]’s urgent request-- I preach me of the peoples sermon, tonight in Westminster Abbey-- and the Bp. of London, to preach on the working [do?er] in [Op?tet] fields, where he preaches one thing, though my heart went strongly for the latter and I was much tempted to consent. We have concluded at [?] till Feb. 8th, [?] consequence of strong advice not to go and put myself too soon am[?] my work, [?] my severed health has become [?] fixed. I am wonderfully better-- I feel very well. I probably will be able to stand well the renewal of my full work, with caution and understanding. My head is a great deal stronger than it was even in Gety. I preached twice in Cambridge, Sunday Morning and Monday night-- unexpectedly, for I had no idea of doing it when I went and had my sermon, and was a little frightened of the din of extempore would [h?] with folks-- but that all [?] away helping prayer and the Lord’s help and I was enabled boldly and plainly and I trust humbly, to testify the s[?] Gospel of Christ. My head showed it well but I shall do as well again h[?]. I leave England on train and Maggie had a great time in Cambridge. Never C[ommence] ladies had [?] a time there, now letting a real [?] at the Master’s of trust and then with the Master of Coins then with the regen[?] Prof. of Divinity in Trinity College, then at the lode of the Provost of Kings, taken into Dr. Mag. to hear the D[?] Preacher of Lady Affleck wife of the Master of Trust[?] (Dr. Wheavell) and to the service in this Chapel and that of the Colleges, by great folks-- dear me! What a time they had. Then they spent two days at the Archbishop’s at Adding[ton] Park, his country seat, [?] to have something I tell when I get back. Now good by all, K[?] and dear Mary and the children,

Your most affectionate,


Letter to G. W. Dubois



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