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Son hasn't received notice of promotion you mentioned. Someone out for him. Didn't refuse to do someone else's work and chief clerk told him, if they had, he was justified in returning. Will go to Europe on the Inman line.






letter, McIlvaine, Chase, son, Europe


Cincinnati June 9 /64

My dear Mr Chase

Yours of the 3rd recd. I hope Mrs. Sprague may some day be able to go abroad. She is one to enjoy such travel + she would be benefited in health. I wrote mainly because my son in a letter today says he has received no notice of the promotion you mentioned to me, though he has enquired wherever he supposed he could learn about it. Please enquire about it. There is some body in the department who tries to injure him. A story was told that he had refused to do work not belonging to his desk. On his telling the Chief Clerk that he was determined to find out its author, that officer said that he had never called on my son to do any such work + that if any one also had called on him he was perfectly justified in refusing.

I think I shall sail on the 25th as the packet of the [??] on that day is the best, + that of the 2nd July is the [poorest] of the line. CAn you send me any pamphlet or refer me to any publication in which I may carry with me a view of the present financial state + policy + also of the [?] of the Country.

Please give the enclosed to Mrs Sprague. I think it better than the photograph she has of me.

Yours affectionately


Letter to S. P. Chase



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