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Refers to former professor of mathematics, McElroy; worried about the draft


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letter, McIlvaine, Bedell, McElroy, draft


Cinc. Aug. 17, 1863

Sept. 16

Dear Bp_

As to good brother McElroy- he was Prof. of Mathematics in Bp. Chase’s time, + I suppose has a pretty good head that way, but I have no idea that we should look in that direction in case Lang resigns, which [?], I should not be sorry for, for the reasons which you gave + which have made me think so for a good while. We may find perhaps some otherwise disabled W.P. men who would be glad of the place. I have heard nothing about that letter sent to Mr. Proctor. I wrote Mr. White that I did not feel authorised to direct the purchase of Beman’s house for a Parsonage, that as it was an investment; the Committee on Investments had the charge of such questions, + if they authorised it, I should not object. I have heard no more about it.

The Draft has not commenced here, + I have not learned when it will. I wish it were over, as I want to try the benefit of a little travelling into Canada + round to the sea shore somewhere. I have prepared drafts of prayers according to the request of our [Convention], all except me for after a [Missionary Sermon]. I have prepared two for occasions of [fulfilling] rectorship, + me for a [?] [seeking] Pastor. I send the drafts here for any remarks that may occur to you for their improvement, + leave the prayer for after a Miss. Sermon. for you to work on. Send me the draft of such, in the enclosed when you have done with them + as soon as you can. I have no copy-

Yours affectionately


Letter to Bishop Bedell



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