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The will of A. H. Simmons has been admitted to probate. It was executed on June 22, 1916, in the presence of Columbus Ewalt and Addison Myers. The testator directs that his property, 110 East Ohio avenue, go to S. J. Simmons until the daughter of the latter, Ethel J. Reynolds, is ready to go to housekeeping when it shall become her property. The property at 108 East Ohio avenus is given to a sister, Jemima J. Jackson, together with $1,000 of life insurance. A nephew, Albert J. Williams, is made beneficiary of a property, 308 Calhoun street, while a niece, Maude Miles, is given the property at 901 Vine street. S. J. Simons is given the property under contract to Cooper Jackson and located at 300 1-2 Calhoun street.


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