Date of Award

Spring 4-16-2024

Document Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Modern Languages & Literature

First Advisor

Katherine Hedeen


What does the art and literature of current students from the US and Latin America reveal about the era we live in? What does a comparison of these works to art and literature of the 1960s from the same regions reveal about the ways our attitudes about the world have changed (or remained the same) since then? Guided by the spirit and traditions of the 60s Latin American “little magazine” genre, this thesis takes the form of a little magazine itself to answer these central questions by directly engaging in cross-cultural exchange. My magazine is titled Testimonio de los tiempos / Testimony of the Times, and it features work by eighteen students from the US, Mexico, and Colombia, as well as seven works from 60s editions of the magazines HIKA and El corno emplumado. The magazine is completely bilingual, featuring a translation of each piece. The scholarly literature that guided this project includes secondary sources about “the long sixties” in Latin America, little magazines/small press in the twentieth century, and translation theory, in addition to 60s little magazine primary sources. Ultimately, the collection presented in Testimony offers ten concrete conclusions about the defining characteristics of our current era while using transnational artistic collaboration to confront some of today's most pressing challenges. While our era is characterized in part by shifting perspectives on gender, inclusivity, climate change, leadership, and technology, timeless themes of art and literature remain present and reveal a strong prevalence of socially-committed pieces in Latin America, whereas US pieces continue to focus on the individual.

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