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Bachelor of Arts

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Mason, Theodore

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Lynn, David


In this collection of four connected short stories, I hope to show the power of music to unite people over years and even over continents. The four leading characters all have the chance to speak and show the role music has played in their lives. Henry is a once-successful clarinetist looking for a comeback while still trying to move beyond guilt from his past. Zosia and Maria are sisters who, for the first time, have to learn to live apart from one another and continue to deal with the aftermath of their parents‰Ûª deaths, a tragedy that occurred 16 years before their stories. Andy is a hopeless romantic struggling to pay his rent and college tuition by composing a piece of music for a competition whose prize money he hopes to win. As the stories continue, the music in each character‰Ûªs life overlaps with the others, and it becomes clear that music is not the only thing that unites them.

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