Date of Award

Spring 5-12-2022

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Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts



First Advisor

Dr. Sarah Petersen


The development of the peripheral nervous system is an intricate process requiring the communication of developing nerves, glial cells, and their surrounding environment. While previous research has focused heavily on the importance of the interaction between axons and Schwann cells in the development of the peripheral nervous system (PNS), less is known about the importance of muscle derived cues in PNS development. In this study, the role of tcf15 in PNS development was explored in a novel zebrafish mutant, tcf15stl159. We used RNA sequencing of tcf15stl159 siblings and mutants to create gene expression profiles and identify dysregulated gene transcripts. We found that transcripts for genes involved in muscle organization, PNS patterning, extracellular matrix and cytoskeletal organization, and the regulation of cellular homeostasis were depleted in tcf15stl159. Our gene ontology analysis showed that many of these genes are expressed in muscle. This suggests the importance of cellular homeostasis and muscle organization in PNS development, and posits that PNS patterning cues can be muscle derived.

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