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The Millennium Summit of the United Nations adopted the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as the official goals for development to be met by 2015. As a signatory to the Millennium Declaration, Nepal has committed itself to meeting these goals. Political instability in the country has seriously undermined Nepal's development efforts, including attaining the MDGs by the required timeframe. While some progress is being made in meeting the MDGs, these goals are unlikely to be met in Nepal any time soon. Several ethnic, gender, and geographic disparities emerge when even the achievements are closely scrutinized. Given the lack of a stable government, civil society organizations have the opportunity to fill the void in Nepal to not only meet the MDG targets but also lead development efforts. The rich history of civil association in Nepal provides the perfect platform for these organizations to localize development efforts and address the inherent problems with the MDGs. Several Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) already practice an "issue-based" approach to development; civil society organizations will benefit from structuring their development efforts to this model, ultimately helping attain the MDGs and developing the country.


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