Date of Award

Spring 4-28-2017

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Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Modern Languages & Literature

First Advisor

Katherine Hedeen


This is a four-part study on feminist translation theory and practice, centering on the original translation of la llave marilyn by Laura Yasan (Buenos Aires, 1960). The first chapter is an introduction to the poet, contextualizing this book in the rest of her work and in contemporary Argentine poetry, and elaborating its principal themes of solitude, mental illness, and the expression of feminist concerns. This chapter is directed to a general audience and could serve as the introduction to the publication of the present translation. The second chapter is a history of feminist translation of women writers into English, in which I develop the primary arguments within the field, particularly as they have been influenced by feminist movements, postcolonial studies, and queer theory. This chapter argues for the revalorization of women’s writing as a question of analysis within translation studies, while also complicating the category of “women.” Drawing from the analysis provided in Chapter One and the arguments introduced in Chapter Two, Chapter Three is a translator’s note in which I explain my strategies and perspectives on the translation of llave. This note reveals my process as a translator, which I have termed “re-imaginación”, and demonstrates the potential of a theory and practice of postcolonial feminist translation. The final chapter is a bilingual edition of la llave marilyn, which features my translations of Yasan’s poetry into English. As a whole, this project questions what it means to write as a woman and explores the role of the translator in the circulation of women’s voices and feminist thought across the unequal terrain of languages, markets, and nations.

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