A Dorm Room Through the Year

A Dorm Room Through the Year


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This is a video, partly filmed by myself, partly filmed by my roommate, Alice Riley. I edited together two video segments of our dorm, Lewis 206. The first was from August, 2019. Alice arrived before I did for cross country training, and she filmed a spin of our room to show me what it looked like. The second segment was one that I took in March, 2020, the day after we were told by College administration that we had a week to pack up our belongings in person, if possible. My dad and I had just finished packing up my half of the room -- Alice lived too far away to react as quickly as we did -- and I felt that it was fitting to take a second video, mirroring the first but under completely different circumstances and feelings. My half of the video replaces the anticipation and excitement that Alice's incites with a kind of sadness and disappointment -- but with the thumbs-up and half-smile that I offer in the mirror, at least I can tell there's a hope that this will all be over soon, that I won't be separated from my best friend for too long, that my College experience won't be completely taken away from me by something that no one could have predicted or controlled. I hope that my video reminds others that even when we are away from each other and from Kenyon -- because it's not our time to be there yet, or because our time has come to an abrupt end -- we are together in spirit, no matter what.


Gambier, Ohio


Lewis Hall, dorm room

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A Dorm Room Through the Year