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Richmond discusses the correspondence he has been conducting for Chase, and describes some rich friends who may give Chase money.




Lord Kenyon, London, Henry C. Robinson, Mr. Boddington, Illinois, New York


Phila. Septr. 11, Friday Morng. 1835

My dear bishop

It is just one minute since I read your letter from Troy Sept. 8, [contg.] yr request about the Illinois documents [etc.]. And what do you think I was doing at that instant? I had just commenced a letter to Lord Kenyon on my own responsibility, & was wondering how a true republican could write “My Lord.” With this I have a bundle of papers to direct to him, already collected. I have therefore anticipated your wishes, which I hope I always shall do, most revered & beloved bishop. The packet contains “Appeal,” the Circular I issued for you, the copies of the Recorder [contg.] your letter from Jacksonville, Resolution of Ohio Convention, the Plans for Illinois, [etc. etc.] Also, the last Missionary, which I shall try to send you here with, besides the ones I direct to Lord Kenyon. The whole matter is there in the [missy.] most affectly. treated. I beg you not to burden your mind with this matter, but leave it to me. I shall endeavour if possible to prepare your way in England. [I] [have] a friend in London, a barrister who will [do] [anything] for me, or for you. A man of influence, whose name I hope [?] do [any] will note down, Henry C. Robinson, No 2: Plowdens’ Buildings’ Temple, London. I was with him, though he is [54] on more intimate [terms] a whole year in Italy. He will introduce you to a very rich Londoner, at the West End whose name is Boddington, & to whom I wish you to speak of me, & I shall be surprised if he does not give at least $100 or more for our ancient Roman friendship, for I was intimate with him at Rome. I have some friends on the Continent also, to whom I shall write for Illinois. My wife is no better. But I shall try to be with you in New york on the 23d or soon after.

I have sent the “Appeal” West & East, & hope soon to send it North & South. Command me still dear & beloved Sir, & I will work in our holy cause to the utmost. With much love from all, yr devoted

J C Richmond.

Letter to Philander Chase



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