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Marriott is upset to inform Mary that Chase has resigned as Bishop and Head of the College. Mr. McIlvaine has replaced him as Bishop but there is no replacement for the Head.




Lady Goderich, Mr. Adderley, G. M. West, George Montgomery West, Bishop McIlvaine, Foots Cray Place, Philander Chase, Bishop of Salisbury, Mr. Wilks


1831 Ocr. 17

My dear Mary Ohio

I cannot help calling you by this sort of married name, being more full of deep (and for the first time melancholy) thought of Ohio than ever. I hardly know how to write to your dear Father, and I would not have you say a word to Lady Goderich for some time. I had not an idea of her illness, till I met Mr Adderley on Saturday. I should not have troubled her Ladyship, you will be quite sure, with any letter, if I had not met Mr Adderley sooner. I thank God for the good news of his tidings, & your letter, i.e. what we call good, for in an extensive sense everything is good, at least “works for good” to such beings as our dear Friend. I cannot, I fear, hope to have the pleasure so kindly proposed for me before I go from Town for my holidays, which this year commence next week. They, however, will hardly be long, for I shall return when South End is no longer desirable, and November fogs will probably expel us.

My tidings from Ohio are woeful. The Bishop has resigned his Bishopric, and Headship of the College, and no explanation is yet given! I had just written to America, as well as to English Correspondents that I was entirely satisfied by the printed defence of the Bishop—that it had not only changed but reversed the main facts of Mr W’s charges—and that the latter’s reply had irrevocably disgusted me. I now can only wait for explanation. A Mr McIlvaine, who was here last year, and whom was invited to meet at Lord Bexley’s (who liked him), but could not go at that time to Foot’s Cray Place, is elected Bishop, and at present the Headship is not filled up.

I will write to the Bishop of Salisbury to day. I shall really be obliged by your writing to your Father about Ohio. I shall be most happy to call in my way to or from Office whenever it is quite right for Lady Goderich to permit me to do so, and I will bring with me the little Book which the Bishop desired me to forward to Carlton-Gardens.

With my kindest respects to Lord and Lady Goderich, I am, dear Mary,

Yr affectionate Friend

G.W. Marriott

Q. Square

17th October

Try what you can do in the affair of Mr Wilks. It may please a kind Providence[r] that some good may arise out of that. Your Lawyers are mistaken about the international law. It is to be settled according to the law of the state in wh. the property lies.

Letter to Mary Ward



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