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A one page letter where Dudley Chase hastily explains to George Chase that he has been busy attending to business but that he enjoyed reading about a favor George offered him.




Business; Election; Glendy; Baltimore; Chaplain


Washington Jan[uar]y 19th 1817

Dear George

Hurries beyond patience with the labour of ensuring a thousand letters of business that are piled in heaps before me, I snatch a moment from the hours devoted to the people’s concerns put to acknowled[ge] your favor of 12th inst and to assure you of the pleasure its [perusal] afforded me.

Let the ashes of your N.W expedition slap in [pease] & oblivion -- yet from its reclicks may spring a Phenix that will devour the parent project

The wise Senate fast chose the Rend Mr. Glendy of Baltimore, who declined, and then was chosen that rare man [Irino]. The first I know of him was that he was voted for by a member of Gentlemen in local [?] for Chaplain to fill the place [accessioned] by Glendy’s refusal to accept. A member of ballotings took place before a choice was made. The first petition he put up was that “the L[ord] would give the Senators & Representatives that wisdom of which they so [imminently] stood in need.”

Adieu -- In great haste

Yours most affectionately, D. Chase

Letter to George Chase



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