Philander Chase



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Chase updates his wife on his health, which is improving. He also tells her of his upcoming travels plans and that he might preach on Easter.




Mr. Hoye, Mrs. Hoye, Mr. Lyron, Mrs. Lyron, Mr. Johns, Mrs. Johns


Cumberland Md.

Apl. 8: 1830. 2 A.M.

My dear Wife

The letter to you which went off yesterday was dated on the 6th P.M. 11. This seems to miss a day but in fact will not.

I walked yesterday about 80 rods accompanied by Mr & Mrs Hoye with whom I am now staying, to dine with Mr & Mrs Lyron. This Gentleman is an old revolutionary character and she quite a Lady. He is much in the Merino sheep way and she fond of seeing the pretty lambs of which there are some hundreds born and about to be born into this short life and troublesome world, to bleat a few times crop a few blades and then die.

We spent a pleasant afternoon: and returned, myself much fatigued and in pain. I went to bed about 9. and slept till now 2 oclock in the morning of the 8th when distress caused me to rise and called on my Waiting Boy sleeping in the same room to rise and dress me & make my fire and prepare me means to write to you and others of my numerous correspondence. Indeed I have more letters to write now than usual. God grant it may be to some beneficial purpose!

I expect Mr. & Mrs. Johns back from Hancock today. Tomorrow the contrivance to keep me from swelling too much will be fixed in the Coach. On sunday Easter day they talk of pushing the point to get in and have service for the first time in the New Episcopal Church in this place. If this be the case I shall have to officiate so far as is absolutely necessary in administration of the Comm’n. Mr. H. being only in Deacons Orders. How I shall succeed I know not. God can and I trust will help me.

Dear Wife I feel now more than ever the great deficiency under which we labour of not having but one mail a week from Gambier. It seems an age since I heard from you. Tomorrow morning I hope my anxiety in this respect will be ended.

I have the contract for carrying the mail every day in my pocket and the Horses and the coach with me wherewithal to set the scheme in motion. But this does me no good for the present.

I am certainly better & better every day. Altho’ my Friends here say there will be hazard in setting off on Monday next yet I think I shall try though my progress should be but a few miles in the day, yet I shall be getting on and the very thoughts of my doing so towards home is cheering beyond measure. Can you doubt it who know how sincerely you are loved by

Your faithful Husband

Phi’r Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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