Philander Chase



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Chase updates his brother on his recent injuries, from which he is suffering but hopes also to be recovering.




Rev. Mr. Johns, Congress, Mr. Ruggles, Mr. Kane


Cumberland Md.

Mar 26. 1830

Dr Brother:

The Rev Mr. Johns of this place wrote you at my request giving you some information as to the extent of the sad accident lately befallen me here. I have been waiting with much anxiety for a line from you in ans’r to that letter. But hitherto have been disappointed. I know you love me; therefore have no doubt something has prevented. I know also that you will be glad to be informed how I get on with my broken ribs & dislocated limbs. Better much better than was at first expected. Fear tho’ there are many more bruises and fractured ribs than at first discovered yet a healing process seems to be going on in all. I have been bled very often. This has kept down inflammation a most desirable object. I have as yet taken no rest on that which [which] so emphatically called “Nature’s sweet Restorer” the Bed. My whole time has been spent in a kind of Chair of State they have fixed for me. How magisterial I look in it, not being able because of my broken Ribs on each side to turn to the right hand or to the left. Did you ever read of King [Carnate] being “toted” (the [Virgin] [ears] would call it) to the sea shore and there commanding the sea to be still? So do I look in my chair! And if I had an angry Congress as he had an angry sea the effects would I be historically the same

This brings me to end of my letter which was to beg you to speak to our good friends Ruggles & Kane &c about the Township?

This has been in my head every moment. If I don’t get it I fear I shall die. Then if so – what members of Congress shall my ghost haunt all their days? Ask some of them this question.

Do write to your loving [but] smashed-to-pieces Brother

Phi’r Chase

Letter to Dudley Chase



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