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Morse updates his aunt on his progress in the Ministry and thanks her for sending her son George to Ohio.




George Denison, Rebecca Morse


Steubenville October 20, 1829.

Dear Aunt Rachel,

Although a negligent correspondent as respects my early friends, I do not think it possible that any letter from you, or indeed from any of them should have remained unanswered: but of one thing you may rest assured, that if I do not write frequently they are all often in my thoughts and remembered in my prayers, so that it may be said, “I have good remembrances of you always” and have you in my heart.” From information received at several times since George came among us, I had indulged the pleasing hope of seeing you and other of our dear relatives and friends long before this in Ohio; but so it is with all earthly expectations when too fondly cherished – disappointment is almost sure to follow. However, if we meet not here below, no matter; a meeting in heaven will be far far better. There may no disappointment ever be felt at the absence of those we love! There may all the now scattered flock be collected and be gathered into one Fold under one Shepherd! And there, no longer endangered by the roaring how seeking to destroy, may they be led to fairer streams & richer pastures & fresher fountains than were ever here enjoyed.

You ask me, dear Aunt, to give some account of the state of the churches under my charge and of my ministerial success in winning souls to Christ. As to the former, we cannot boast of scarcely any increase for one or two years past; the additions to the number of professors of religion being nearly or quite counterbalanced by the number of removals and deaths. And as it respects my ministerial success in general, if God at any time permits me to see the least of its fruits in men’s hearts and lives, I thank Him & take courage; but still I have cause to mourn over my own unfaithfulness and to weep in secret for the hardness and impersistence of those to whom the message is delivered. All we can do is to sow the good seed and in prayer and faith expect the divine blessing on our labours through Jesus Christ. But I sometimes fear that it is the unskillfulness of the sower which often hinders or retards its growth: Pray then that I may be wise & faithful in the dispensation of the word, as well as that God would give his blessing of sunshine dew and rain, that so it may spring up and grow and produce fruit unto eternal life.

On the whole the ministry of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Xt always has had, as I suppose it always will have, and as I feel it now has, its trials & its difficulties, as well as its comforts & its joys. But whichever of these may preponderate, I rejoice dear Aunt, & doubtless rejoice not alone, that like Hannah of old, you have been enabled to lend a son unto the Lord for the work of the ministry & for the edifying the body of Christ. And now that you have lent him unto the Lord, do not attempt to keep him to or for yourself. Let him go to the distant heathen if God calls him thither. At least let him go to the heathen in Ohio, for to tell the truth there are many here. God has given you other sons, the staff of your age and the prop of your declining years; let dear George, under the guidance of the chief Shepherd; take care of the scattered sheep here in the wilderness when we shall be in our graves. There is reason to think he has been eminently useful among his fellow students & others, & we have good hope that he will be yet more useful in an enlarged sphere when admitted unto Holy Orders. Do then tell me whether you were & are sincere in having lent him unto the Lord? He shall be yours again in that day when the sheaves are brought home – when, having turned many to be right.

You see how this topic is running away with my pen so as hardly to leave room for my own & dear Rebecca’s best love & regard to yourself & to all our dear relatives & friends, & to beg an interest in the prayers of you all for the Church in the west and for your nephew,

Int Morse

P.S. Doubtless Cos. G. informs you all about the College & the Bp. & all were well week before last. I.M.

Letter to Rachel Denison



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