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Marriott again expresses his support for Mr. West and encourages Chase to write to him before he leaves for America.




Mr. West, Mr. Bates, Lord Gambier, Bradford, Thomas Bates, Ridley Hall, Iver Grove, Mrs. Chase, Mrs. Judkin, Mrs. Sigourney, Lord Kenyon, Dr. Gaskin


Queen Sq:

17th September 1829

My dear & venerated Friend

Your short letter gives me the pleasing hope of a longer, the arrival of which I should have waited, but for the extraordinary bounty of [Providence] to Ohio from a quarter entirely new, the splendid benefaction from whence you owe, under Providence, to Mr West, who is come Town to report the joyful intelligence to the Trustees. A Mr Bates, known to Lord Gambier personally, & by character to me, of very good wealth, & very benevolent disposition, has been to visit your Chaplain in Bradford. The reason of his stopping there for a short time you will collect from the enclosed printed Paragraph which cannot fail to delight you. Mr Bates heard Mr W. preach there, & refer to your measures, & after’ds stopped with him for two days at the Vicarage, where he received every possible information from him. The result is that Mr B. devotes (besides the £100 included in this Draft, which you will sign, & [convert] the produce to your own, or Mrs Chase’s purposes) £1,000 Sterling, to be paid by instalments of £100 per annum, unless there be any great end to be secured by earlier payment. This, however, appears to be but the beginning of what it has pleased God to incline this excellent man’s heart to plan for Ohio, the execution of which is already in progress. He particularly requests that you will not sell an acre more of your disposable land, the whole of which, & £50,000 acres more, if they could be obtained immediately round the College, he will purchase at the stated amount which you paid for the College lands. He proposes, moreover, going to visit you with Mr W., in April, after which he will return immediately, & finally take from England such a body of Settlers, as will exceed all the expectations you ever had. You will be so good as to address a letter to him, directed Thomas Bates Esqr, Ridley Hall (but under cover to Lord Gambier, Iver Grove, Uxbridge) acknowledging this Draft, & here bounteous designs, & encouraging them as you may judge best. With the exception of a fall from the Coach, which nearly cost him his life, in your service, Mr W. goes on triumphantly, not losing sight of [your] interests for a moment, subject, however, to occasional annoyance on the malice of his sectarian Enemies, who show their teeth, but cannot bite. I encourage him to expect that your next letter will be to him an ample compensation for what he has endured from your silence of late. I should add that Mr Bates thinks it highly expedient that a female Seminary should be established near Gambier. And truly, if the rich soil of Ohio can be made to produce such plants as Mrs Chase, Mrs Judkin, & Mrs Sigourney, this suggestion deserves consideration. Lord Kenyon has returned from the Continent. He is, I bless God, well, and still hints a visit to Ohio at some future day. His Daughters are very much benefited by their tour. My invalid Blessing is decidedly better. I have been far from well, but am recovering fast. If the Gentlemen’s Magazine reaches America, you may see there (in August, Sept’r, & October Nos.) an obituary memoir of Dr Gaskin from the pen of your very devoted and affectionate friend G.W. Marriott

Letter to Philander Chase



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