Philander Chase



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Chase is delighted that his sister may send her son to Kenyon. He asks for updates on friends and family members and provides a short update on happenings in his own life.




James, George, Dudley Chase, Olivea Chase, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Cotton, barbers, Indians, nunnery, Hartford


Dear Sister Rachael

I am glad to learn by your letter of the 9th in H: that you and all your dear family are well. Quite glad am I also that you think of sending your Dear son James to Kenyon. George will be God’s instrument I trust in guiding his mind and heart in the right ways.

You will see by the letter I have written to George something as how I am situated: prepared on every side, cast down but not in despair.

If you ask if I am coming to Vermont. I answer still I don’t know but think I shall. Where is Dear Br. Dudley? You can say nothing about him or dear sister Olivea. How is Dear dear sisters Mrs. Smith and Cotton. I head something of Mrs. Smith’s being sick.

The shop of Barbers (it seems) have left Cornish Claremont for the Indians and the Nunery [sic]!! In the place where they have been rooted out I do hope and pray that plants bearing christian fruits may spring up. May God send forth true & faithful Labourers to sow the seed and nourish the plants. He only can give the dew the shower, the sunshine and the genial air. For these let us pray continually.

I think I shall set off for Hartford in Connecticut tomorrow. Perhaps not till Monday. In haste your faithful & affectionate Brother

Phr. Chase

Letter to Rachael Denison



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