Philander Chase



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Chase informs his wife of the people who support him in Washington. He is writing a new statement about Kenyon's beginnings and progress to help support his bill for a township of land. He also has bought new garden seeds, which he is sending to Gambier.




Congress, Mr. Harper, Harpfield, Washington, Ohio delegation, Judge MacLean, Ohio reps, Mr. Benton, garden seeds, Judge Russles, Bill for a township of land


Washn. 6 March late at night 1828

Dear Wife:

I wrote you so desponding a letter this morning that I can not go to sleep without saying something to you of a more cheering nature. The balance of this day is much in favour of hope of success in my application to Congress for lands. Mr. Harper of Harperfield on the Reserve (D.) has appeared in Washington; and as an instrument of writing our Ohio Delegation will, I think, be of great service. I met him this day at Judge MacLean’s (the P. M. Genl.) at Dinner. He opened the subject himself and said he had been talking with the Ohio Reps in my favour: it seems there is little doubt of my success, if the Ohio Delegation can be agreed. Mr. Harper thinks that they can be made to do so; and for the purpose of trying to effect so desirable an end, has postponed the time of his setting off for home, till a future day. He [came] home with me J. Crh.’s to get my address which he had never seen. After he had left me I went to see Mr. Benton or Misouri [sic]: & find him much & most decidedly in my favour. This is more than I expected. I came home rejoicing tho with a bad head ache. Good night my Dear Wife Pray for your Husband who loves you

P. Chase

7th. I have purchased some few garden seeds such as Radish Early York & Drumhead Cabbage Tomatos sage. Bell Pepper a small paper each. These I shall get [pranked] as congressional Documents and send them to Gambier for the use of the family of Boys when we get there.

But I beg you to see that these be obtained & send on Beet carrot and parsnip & [?] seed for the main stock.

N.B. I have this morning to write a New Statement of my beginning and progress of Kenyon College for the use of Judge Russles in bringing forward supporting the Bill for a Township of land. This I must do this morning so good bye for the present

P. Chase

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